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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy LET'S PLAY Part 2 (PS5) (LIVESTREAM)


Welcome back to another stream everyone. Hope your Monday is going awesome. It’s the finale of the series. So enjoy yourself and please feel free to chat it up!

Welcome to the channel! I have a passion for movies and video games. On my channel you will primarily find VIDEO GAME LIVESTREAMS/PLAYTHROUGHS, VIDEO GAME TRAILER REACTIONS, MOVIE TRAILER REACTIONS and MOVIE REVIEWS. Join me on this journey as I navigate through this maze of a platform. Remember to SUBSCRIBE/SHARE and HERE WE GO TO A 1000 SUBSCRIBERS!

Social platforms (links below):
Instagram: akshadow
Twitter: iAKSyed

Stuff I use:
Console: Playstation 5 Disc Version (Monitor: Dell 27 4K UHD Monitor – S2721QS)

PC: (Monitor: Acer Predator XB273K 27″ 4K G-Sync 144hz 1ms variable)
Alienware Area-51 R5
Intel Core i9 7900x
GTX 1080Ti

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