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Fallout 76 Atomic Shop Update – April 6 – April 13


So many players have spent their time working on their C.A.M.P.S, and it is certainly paying off! Fallout 76 has noticed the attention to detail and is looking to reward players for their time and dedication. All Fallout 76 players can now claim the free Shelter Poster in the Atomic Shop, and with the poster comes a surprise! Once you have the poster and place it in your C.A.M.P., you can start the “Home Expansion” quest.

The “Home Expansion” side quest is a small quest that introduces you to the Shelters system in the game, a recent Steel Dawn update. You will travel just outside of Vault 51 to the Appalachian Shelter Claim Center and talk to Mr. Clark to continue the side quest.

That is not the only thing free in the Atomic Shop this week; the Laughing Emote is now available for all players to claim. So now, you can laugh and joke with your friends (or yourself) in the Appalachian wasteland!

Don’t worry, Fallout 1st players, the Atomic Shot didn’t forget about you. The Enclave Intel Officer’s Outfit is free for all Fallout 1st players in the Atomic Shop, but unlike the other two free items, this one does have an expiration date.

Item Available Until
Shelter’s Poster N/A
Laughing Emote N/A
Enclave Intel Officer’s Outfit (Fallout 1st) May 4

Atomic Shop: Get These While They’re Still Here!

Last week, the Atomic Shop had the Wasteland Raiders Persona Bundle, but what if you didn’t want to dress like a Raider. Sure, some of the outfits are cool but imagine going up to Foundation in spiked chest plates and skulls on your back? The Atomic Shop thought of that for you, and now the Foundation Settlers Bundle is for sale as well! Now with much friendlier looks, like the Settler Mechanic Outfit. In Appalachia, it is imperative to make allies to expand and create a better Appalachia.

So make sure to take a look at the Foundation Settlers Bundle in the Atomic Shop.

Item Atom Price
Foundation Settlers Bundle 2000
Settler Vigilante Power Armor Paint 1400
Settler Mechanic Outfit 700
Settler Relief Backpack 500
Settler Style C.A.M.P. Deployable 500
Settler STASH box skin 250
Settler Traveler Loot Bag 250
Garden Truck bed Trailer 250
Settler Faction Flag 150

Raider Gear

Along with the Foundation Settlers items, the Atomic Shop is still offering the Wasteland Raiders Bundle. Choose between Raider or Settler. Good or Evil. Or get both! You can hang with your friends at the Crater one day and then trade and chat with the settlers in Foundation the next.

Item Atom Price
Wastelanders Raiders Persona Bundle 2000
Crater Marauder Power Armor Paint 1400
Raider Pathfinder Outfit 700
Raider Pillager Pack 500
Raider Style CAMP deployable 500
Raider Stash Box Skin 250
Raider Conquest Loot Bag 250
Mine Car Planter 250
Raider Faction Flag 250

Don’t Call It A Comeback

There are a few items that are returning to the Atomic Shop but they are only available for a limited time!

Item Atom Price Avaiable From Available Until
Responders Power Armor 1500 1200(20% Off!) April 9 April 13
Atrium Shelter 1,800 April 6 N/A
Living Quarters Shelter 1,500 April 6 N/A
Lobby Shelter 1,500 1,200(20% Off!) April 6 April 13
Fruit Hat 500 April 6 April 13
Wild Appalachia Pose Bundle 300 April 6 April 13
Glow in the Dark Game Map 400 280(30% Off!) April 6 April 9
Roadtripper Blouse and Capris 400 280(30% Off!) April 6 April 9
No Way Emote 100 80(20% Off!) April 6 April 9
Compass Emote 100 80(20% Off!) April 6 April 9
Dark Wood Laminate Floor 500 250(50% Off!) April 9 April 13
Lotus Pose 250 125(50% Off!) April 9 April 13
It’s Friday! Frame 200 100(50% Off!) April 9 April 13

So Long, Farewell…

It is time to say goodbye to a few items in the Atomic Shop. While this may not be goodbye forever, it is for now. Time to head to the Atomic Shop to take a last-minute look at some of the items that are being stashed away! These items will only be available until April 13 at 12 PM EST.

Item Atom Price
War Rider Power Armor Skin 1,400
Sports Week Bundle 1,200
Umpire of the Apocalypse Outfit 900 630(30% Off!)
Grafton Monster Mascot Outfit 600 420(30% Off!)
“Stanley” Hockey Stick with Trophies (Grognak Axe skin) 500
Sports Wallpaper Set 500
Bowling Ball Loot Bag 500
Wiffle Ball Bat 300
Sports Nostalgia Frame 150

Atomic Shop: Weekly Offers

Here are the weekly offers in the Atomic Shop:

Item Atom Price Available From Available Until
Doctor’s Scrubs 700 490(30% Off!) April 6 April 7
Settler Carpenter Outfit 700 490(30% Off!) April 7 April 8
Mobster Outfit 800 560(30% Off!) April 8 April 9
Mountaineer Outfit 800 560(30% Off!) April 9 April 10
Settler Laborer Outfit 700 490(30% Off!) April 10 April 11
Red Rocket Jumpsuit 600 240(60% Off!) April 11 April 12
Camouflage Power Armor Paint Set 1200 360(70% Off!) April 12 April 13
Raider Gas Mask (Fallout 1st) 300 210(30% Off!) April 6 April 13

What do you think of the latest items in Fallout 76? Let us know over on our Discord, where you can join our growing community! You can find more from us below:

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