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Bloodborne Kart Brings Kart Racing to the Gothic World of Bloodborne


Bloodborne 2? Nah. Bloodborne PS5 update? Forget about it. But how about bringing kart racing into Bloodborne with Bloodborne Kart? And better yet, make it in the style of a PS1 demake! Bloodborne Kart is today’s April Fool’s joke from the developer coding a legitimate PS1 demake of Bloodborne called Bloodborne PSX. Bloodborne Kart is a whole lot more than just a concept, too. There’s an entire gameplay demo for it, showing off Hunters racing through cobblestoned streets in little yellow cars. Check it out below:

This is, of course, an April Fool’s joke, but it’s impressive the amount of work that went into the details of this two-minute video, including the entire track, HUD, sound effects, and that little fist pump the Hunter does when he goes off a jump. With all the work that went into it, perhaps it will make an appearance as a bonus mode in the proper  demake project?

Digging the music for the “Pthumerian Cup” too? You can listen to the full track in the YouTube video below:

And don’t worry. The Bloodborne PSX demake isn’t actually canceled, and regular updates are still being posted.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like there’s much planned officially for Bloodborne. While modder Lance McDonald has created a 60fps patch for the game, Sony’s been very quiet about whether or not we might see a proper PS5 update for the beloved game or even a proper Bloodborne 2. Director Hidetaka Miyazaki has previously said that making a sequel is not up to him, so we’re waiting for Sony to greenlight development and finally reveal it to the world. Until then, we’ll just have to enjoy Bloodborne Kart.

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