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Jumbo Edition Adds Two More DLC Expansions


Two Point Hospital has more DLC expansions on PC than on console. Both Bigfoot and Pebberley Island were included in the PS4 edition of the game, but three expansions were still missing. That’s soon going to change, though. At the start of March, two more expansions will become available on PS4, with players having the choice to buy them individually or as part of a new Jumbo Edition of the game.

The first expansion, Off The Grid, Two Point County’s mayor Tabitha Windsock is aiming to be re-elected. According to voter research, her constituents are quite concerned about the environment. This means she’s founded the Department of Green Things to deal with “green issues”, all in a bid to get that positive news coverage. Players get three new locations, three new cure machines, new items, and have to deal with 35 new illnesses as they seek to become eco-friendly.

Close Encounters is the second expansion. A fireball lit up the sky above the town of Goldpan. In its wake followed 34 new and unusual illnesses. The medical administration has access to three new cure machines and three new locations to help get the problem under control, and these include areas not usually open to the public. The problem is The Two Point Squabbler is after their next big scoop and they won’t stop sticking their noses in.

Two Point Hospital Close Encounters

Both of these expansions are included in the new Jumbo Edition of the game. This version includes the base game, Bigfoot, Pebberley Island, Off The Grid, Close Encounters, and two Items Packs. The Retro Items Pack includes 26 vintage items, while the Exhibition Items Pack has plenty of items that might be best placed in a museum rather than a hospital. Existing players can upgrade their standard edition of the game to the Jumbo Edition if they so choose. Alternatively, they’ll be able to purchase the expansions separately.

On the same day the Jumbo Edition arrives, there’ll be a free update for all versions of the game. This will include Room Templates, allowing players to easily copy and paste rooms into multiple hospitals. Meanwhile the R.E.M.I.X. part of the update has recreated six levels — Hogsport, Lower Bullocks, Flottering, Mitton University, Tumble, and Flemington –where players need to complete goals to earn stars. Finally, the update will include the usual round of bug and stability fixes to make the game the “absolute best version” possible.

Two Point Hospital: Jumbo Edition arrives on March 5 and will cost $39.99. Neither the upgrade nor the individual DLCs have confirmed prices yet.

[Source: Two Point Studios]

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