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PS5 UNBOXING (My experience)


I preordered my PS5 from bestbuy a while back and got lucky to be able to complete the transaction. So I went to Best Buy today and picked up my PS4 around noon. I had to work 3-11 so I’m just now turning on the ps5 updating and transferring my PS4 data etc etc. this thing is pretty! It’s pretty big too, for real it’s like 2 PS4s put together. This thing looks like a spaceship. The ps5 looks like I might take off and land at the moon. I bought the disk ps5 version, but I do plan on getting another ps5 digital version once they are released. While at the store I bought an extra ps5 controller, end 2 games. The games are pricey, and I spent 206 dollars on 2 games, extra controller, and also the 2 year warranty. I didn’t realize the controller did not come with a charger cable. I’m very happy with my purchase and I’m excited to maybe stream soon some ps5


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