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Good News, The HBO Max PS5 App is Now Available


When people made the jump from PS4 to PS5, they found a severely cut down Media section compared to the previous generation console. One of the most notable omissions was the HBO Max app, which was released earlier this year (replacing the confusing HBO Go/Now setup). HBO Max is now available on the PS5, giving subscribers full access to an enormous library of streaming films and shows.

The announcement was made my the PlayStation Twitter account earlier today:

Just in time for Wonder Woman ’84 later this month and a full slate of brand new Warner Bros. films releasing on the streaming service in 2021, HBO Max PS5 will allow owners of the new console—and subscribers of the streaming service—to enjoy a more complete suite of media and streaming apps. Wonder Woman 1984 releases on HBO Max on December 25th, 2020. The film marks the beginning of a plan to release the next year’s worth of upcoming films on the streaming service on the same day they premiere in theaters, adding immense value to being an HBO Max subscriber.

Some of Warner Bros. film partners, however, such as Legendary, aren’t as thrilled with the decision to release films on the streaming service, despite the ongoing pandemic crippling the theater industry. It’s unknown how those reactions—and the considered legal action by the production company—might impact Warner Bros. decision as 2021 gets rolling.

To download the HBO Max app on your PS5, head to the Media section and search for HBO Max if you don’t immediately see it among the listed apps. You’ll be able to download it and sign in from here.

The HBO Max PS5 app begins to fulfill our wish list of things we want on the new console (I can finally settle in and catch up on His Dark Materials season two!), however Sony still hasn’t offered any word on promised features like internal SSD storage expansions and a fix for the external hard drive crash issues that many players are facing.

Are you happy to see HBO Max finally added to PS5?

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