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Shakedown Hawaii PS5 Version Includes Cross-Buy and Platinum Trophy


Vblank Entertainment has announced that its 16-bit action-adventure, Shakedown: Hawaii, will release on the PlayStation 5 on Tuesday, December 15th.

Those who own the game on the PS3, PS4, and/or PS Vita will be able to download the upgrade for free. Vblank said that if it was able to publish the game on the PS2 and PSP, it would offer ‘6x cross-buy.’

As for what’s new in the PS5 version, Vblank added the much-requested Platinum trophy. However, this list will be separate from the other trophy lists because it involves features that aren’t available on the older consoles. “The new set takes advantage of the latest enhancements, including progress trophies (which display how close you are to achieving them),” the developer explained. “Your story mode completion will also be displayed on an Activity Card, and you can use that to jump directly back into the game.”

Shakedown: Hawaii might not boast current-gen graphics but the DualSense‘s adaptive triggers will give its weapons a distinct feel. The game will also add “a whole new level of vibration, far beyond that of the PS4 version.” “Whether you choose to use the triggers or opt for the twin sticks, the enhanced vibration makes sure each action has that much more of a reaction,” Vblank added. However, those who want the full retro experience can choose to turn off the new features.

The PS5 version will come with all recent updates, including the new difficulty level, the Mogul Update, the Full Tank Update, and the Shake-Up Update.

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