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When You Can't Afford The PS5


THE PS5 aka the PlayStation 5 is finally here. Got my hands on it a bit early did a little unboxing of it lol. Thing is though they canceled my order so i made my own PS5 lol.

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PS5 vs Xbox Series X – The Showdown by Unbox Therapy

The PS5 Unboxing – Sony PlayStation 5 Next Gen Console by TheRelaxingEnd

Hey everyone, Today I bought the New Xbox Series X, Not the Xbox Series S. Amazon canceld my orders for the SONY PS5 Digital and Disc Version. I ordered 3 of them just so i can see the differences myself and maybe even giveaway some of them to yall. Technically i got some early gameplay/review of the PS5 LOL. Even though it really ain’t the PS5. I did buy the Xbox Series X though cause ik for a fact i wont get my hands on my PS5 early or don’t know how to get the PS5 on Release date launch. Who knows might play some Spiderman Miles Morales tomorrow if i do get it. Im definetnyl keeping the PS5 instead of the Xbox as well for those who were curious. I did some research on the Xbox Series X VS PS5 and i personally like the PS5 more. The controller feels so much lighter and smoother. The Xbox Series X controller just felt weird. Almost felt like the Fridge Memes were actually true cause its dead serious shaped like a fridge. Anyways hope yall enjoy the early gameplay of Watch Dogs: Legion.


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