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Remedy Control Game Has Crossed 2 Million Sales Milestone


Remedy Entertainment has announced that Control has crossed the two million sales milestone, with its best month being November 2020. The developer revealed this figure during its Capital Markets Day presentation, according to Communications Director Thomas Puha.

Control is now officially Remedy’s biggest new IP since Max Payne. However, worth noting that sales of titles like Alan Wake and Quantum Break were restricted by platform exclusivity as they both released on the Xbox and PC only. Regardless, this is quite a feat for the Finnish studio.

Remedy also revealed that its community has been rapidly shifting to digital purchases. In 2019, 40 percent of Control‘s sales were physical, but that percentage was reduced to only 10 percent this year.

Elsewhere during the presentation, the developer teased that its upcoming title Vanguard will feature “selected Remedy world-building and narrative strengths.” Not much is known about Vanguard other than it’s a free-to-play, live service multiplayer game. Vanguard will be fully funded by Remedy but the studio hasn’t revealed whether it’ll self-publish the game or it will seek a publisher.

In other news, Control‘s Ultimate Edition for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X was recently pushed to early 2021 because Remedy needed more time to polish the game. A new release date has not been revealed yet so we’ll keep our readers posted.

[Source: Games Industry]

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