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PlayStation 5 Predictions and Thoughts (in 2020)


It is 2020 and the Sony Playstation 5 seems to be right around the corner. As a little challenge for myself I want to talk about my predictions for the Sony PlayStation 5. What will the price be? Why are they doing a digital and a disc version of the console? When will the Playstation 6 come out? I also talk about my prediction that they will anounce a slim model in 2024. I also talk about streaming and PlayStation Now.
I also talk about my personal thoughts and opinion on the PSony PlayStation 5 and the next video game generation in general. Will I get it? Do I see a need?
I’m also interested in your opinion, please share it in the comments! I will see you again in a few xears where we find out if I’m a complete idiot or right on the money with my future predictions.


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