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How To Secure the Xbox Series X or S on Launch Day – Final Updates!


Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S releases in less than 12 hours. Use this video guide to stay up top date on the best way to secure your Xbox during launch day. Follow my social media below and get ready for Xbox Live stream tonight!

The PS5 Live stream will be in 2 days, 10pm EST on 11/11 to try and secure a Playstation 5!

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Don’t forget about my PS5 Giveaway happening for my subscribers by January (More Updates to come!)

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Where do I get my clothes and fashion?
LMTLSS is a clothing and lifestyle brand run by one of my greatest friends in real life. 1$ of every sale goes to Children’s cancer research. You might recognize their shirts, hats, and even my bandana at their shop:

Thank you for watching my Gaming Content and my Xbox and PS5 Preorder News and Alerts!

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