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Was I WRONG About Xbox Series X? – Console Review


The next generation of gaming has finally begun with the release of the Xbox Series X but is this console really worth the price? Well today I am checking the system out to test the features and playing some gorgeous games!

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In this video Dreamcastguy reviews the Xbox Series X by playing some Xbox games, xbox 360 games, and upgraded Xbox One games to see the new visuals and a few 4k updates. This includes gameplay for games like Final Fantasy 15, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, and some Halo being played on the Xbox Series X. This launch has been rocky since it needs an internet connection to boot up your console but the system is fun to play. Hopefully microsoft releases some real console exclusives for the Xbox Series X soon so they can compete with the PlayStation 5 cause the PS5 has some nice looking games already.


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