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Fortnite – Full Galactus Event on Xbox Series X in 4K 60FPS [Next-Gen]


Fortnite – Full Galactus Event on Xbox Series X in 4K 60FPS [Next-Gen]
The Fortnite Galactus event is here and that means the end of Chapter 2 Season 4. All players have started the fight against the Galactus together. I recorded the event for you on the Xbox Series X at 4K 60FPS. As every beginning has its end, every end also has its beginning. Be there right away when it’s called Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5. As usual, I will regularly upload tons of Fortnite wins. Subscribe now if you haven’t already.

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Full Fortnite gameplay playlist:

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Game Title: Fortnite
Platform: Xbox Series X
Game Mode: Event
Event: Galactus Event


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