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Former Naughty Dev Reveals Last of Us Easter Egg That Went Unnoticed


Former Naughty Dog developer Rodney Reece took to Twitter last week to reveal an Uncharted 1 Easter Egg tucked away in a multiplayer map within 2013’s The Last of Us. Apparently, it went unnoticed.

That map is Beach, and the Easter Egg is Sully’s plane. Reece, who now works for Respawn Entertainment as Principle Level Designer, revealed that he “broke” the plane up and added it to the map.

During the conversation that followed, Reece revealed another Easter Egg that many seem to have missed. There’s a bar called The Pelican in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception that also appears in The Last of Us‘ Pittsburgh level near the end with Sam and Henry.

Did our readers come across either of these two Easter Eggs?

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