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Is the PS5 Worth the Hype? | Playstation 5 Unboxing & Review


In today’s video, we unbox and review the much-sought-after Sony Playstation 5 Disc Edition retailing for $500. Is it worth the hype? Should you buy one? Let’s find out.


As a 28-year old multi-millionaire, I’m opening up about my successes & failures as a young entrepreneur. After accumulating almost 2,000,000,000 views on Youtube as a writer/actor/director, selling a feature film “Psycho Family” to Verizon, self-publishing a graphic novel “Psycho Kid vs. Psycho Dad” to later become a #1 Amazon best-seller, and starting a multi-million dollar entertainment platform called, “StoryFire”…I’ve decided to open up about all of my personal secrets to success and financial independence.

On this channel you’ll see a wide-range of content including: tech reviews, unboxings, personal finance tips, Youtube advice, self-help tips, investing principles, cryptocurrency insights and everything in between. I’ll always keep it real with you guys and I’m trying to offer you as much value as I possibly can so you can reach success and happiness like myself.

My goal is to teach and help my viewers become financially independent, no matter what you want to achieve. Stock tips, building wealth and personal happiness are very important to me. Education is key on this journey, never stop learning…work hard, play hard!

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