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Asobi Comments on Possibility of Astros Playroom Sequel


Astro’s Playroom came pre-loaded on the PlayStation 5 and mainly served as a tech demo for the console and its DualSense controller, but the game ended up taking both reviewers and users by surprise. As we noted in our own review, Astro’s Playroom is a fun trip down the memory lane (and an easy Platinum while you’re at it), and more robust than you’d expect a free game to be.

Asked by EDGE magazine if Team Asobi is considering making an expansion or sequel, designer Nicolas Doucet said that there are currently no plans for either, but didn’t rule the possibility out.

Doucet said that the team might look into an extension if Astro’s Playroom is popular enough. Although reviews have been positive thus far and Asobi is delighted with the reception, Doucet noted that majority of the praise is coming from members of the press and he wants to wait and hear from players as they get their hands on the PS5.

“If the character has popularity, and if it proves that people are really having fun, [an extension or sequel] could be one avenue to follow,” said Doucet. “But at the same time, in Team Asobi we’re always trying to come up with ideas from technology, and so there are lots of things we want to try and do around the controller. And as we make these prototypes, if one of them turns out to be a game idea in its own right, it could end up being a new direction that we take and we’ll run with it.”

We’d certainly love more of Astro!

[Source: EDGE via Video Games Chronicle]

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