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PS5 & Xbox Series X IN STOCK now! Sony Playstation 5 and XSX Pre-orders #ps5 #xboxseriesx


On September 29, 2020, this retailer was taking pre-orders for the PS5 digital & disk version and the Xbox Series X/S 9th generation consoles. They also ship all over the world and they are showing IN STOCK for all these video game consoles that are sole out world wide. The catch is is selling for as much as 5 percent over MSRP $525 for the Xbox Series X, $315 for the Xbox Series S, $510 for the Playstation 5 disk, and $409 for the PS5 digital version. Also they will not ship the Xbox Series X/S until December 17 or 18, 2020, and the PS5 until February 28, 2021. Snag one while you can if you are willing to wait and pay a little more. They have a price match guarantee, but it might not apply here. We have confirmed that one Canadian man purchased the PS5 digital from TechINN. It was showing in Stock in the USA when the video was recorded at 9AM EST.

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