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Let's Talk PlayStation 5! Digital Only or Disc? & Which Games are Hype?! Thoughts & Discussion!


Let’s Talk PlayStation 5! In this video, I’ll talk about Sony’s Big PS5 reveal from last week. What were my expectations? Which games got me excited? What do I think of the PS5’s design and which version do I prefer? Digital Only or Disc?


0:00 Intro
0:30 My Reveal Expectations
1:33 GTAV
2:08 Spider-Man
2:29 Rachet & Clank
3:51 Demon Souls
4:06 Horizon Forbidden West
4:56 Ghostwire Tokyo
5:34: Kenya & Project Athia
6:17 Verdict on Sony’s Reveals
6:49 First reaction to PS5
8:24 Size of the console
9:14 Disc & Digital Version
12:03 Your Opinion

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