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Where are all the PS5 Digital Editions?


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PS5 preorders have been more than a bit touch and go since the price and release date reveal but recent reporting has surfaced that PS5 Digital Edition models are very hard to come by. Game reporters tracking down PS5 availability across the globe have joined forces, shared their napkin math, and it seems that of the PS5 retail stock available for preorder – about eighty percent are fully featured PS5 models while only twenty percent are PS5 Digital Edition models.

While it’s pretty clear to see what’s going on PlayStation President Jim Ryan commented that, “The ratio between the Digital Edition and the disc drive model is currently something we cannot disclose at this time.” Which of course, indicates Sony is likely trying to be careful not to damage their relationships with retailers who they need to help them sell and distribute the new PS5 consoles.

Of course, an all-digital edition of a console is just another death knell for brick and mortar shops that make money from used and physical game sales so it makes sense good’ol Jim Ryan might be a little hesitant to speak on the matter. However, priced $100 bucks cheaper and packing the same amount of console power as it’s bigger brother, the PS5 Digital Edition could be an easy sell to a wider demographic of Playstation players. Unfortunately, that means they are gonna be extra hard to find online or otherwise.

If the PS5 Digital Edition becomes available, would you buy one instead of the standard model? Let us know in the comments below, on today’s episode of Inside Gaming Daily!

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