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PS5 Vs PS5 Digital Edition – Which PS5 Should You Buy?


PS5 Vs PS5 Digital Edition – Which PS5 should you buy? Should you get the PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition? What is different between the 2 PlayStation 5 consoles? I’ll also show you how to pre order PS5!

Hey everyone, my name is Octorious and in this PlayStation tips and tricks video, I’ll be breaking down all the differences between the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition and the standard PS5 physical console. Which is best for you, and what PS5 should you buy this year? Lots of people have been asking themselves, “which PS5 should I buy”, well I am going to tell you exactly that in this PS5 Digital VS PS5 Physical Edition breakdown video! Along with this, I will also show you how to pre order the PS5 the moment new stock is available in stores online. Which is better out of the PS5 Digital Edition or PS5 standard edition? Watch the full video to find out which bests suits you! Also, let me know in the comments which PS5 version you want to get your hands on and pre order, as well as which you think is better out of the digital PS5 and standard PS5 next-generation PlayStation 5 consoles. I hope you enjoy the PS5 vs PS5 digital edition video and I hope it helps you!



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0:00 PS5 Vs PS5 Digital Edition
0:12 What Are the Main Differences Between the 2 PS5 Consoles?
0:57 PS5 Price Vs PS5 Digital Price
1:25 Is the Standard PS5 Actually CHEAPER!?
2:05 More Storage Space Saved with Physical Games
3:07 Which PS5 Should You Buy?
3:50 Smaller Differences Between the PS5 & PS5 Digital Edition
4:49 How to Pre Order PS5 or PS5 Digital Edition
5:48 Which PS5 Are You Getting?

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